Destruction of BorgWarner Plant by Tornado Predicted to Impact Ford’s Earning Statement

In case you are in the market for a brand new 4WD vehicle, then you might soon have difficulty finding one after the BorgWarner facility making transfer cases for Ford, Ram, and Toyota trucks received heavy  damage when a tornado on April 12, 2020. When your dealer might not exactly mention a brand new vehicle’s transfer case  with you, this part is so crucial that Ford Motor Company notified the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 17, 2020, of the damaged plant.

In forms sent in with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Ford admits that it might be too early to inform the way the damaged manufacturing plant will impact the company’s plans to restart assembly or even the company’s financial well being. Even though some executives with Ford says that the facility being not online may have no influence on the company’s new Ford F-150 launch, other officers with the organization say that it is too early to inform the outcome that manufacture of the transfer case may have on the truck’s upcoming. Officers with BorgWarner claim that they have no idea when manufacturing may restart again or when BorgWarner will repair the assembly facility.

Several groups have predicted the revealing of the 2021 Ford F150 since the truck is supposed have a new style. The auto manufacturer has hinted how the new vehicle is going to be bigger than the outgoing generation. Speculations continue that this newer pickup truck will have a sizable information monitor on the dash board that may provide a lot of new features. Despite earlier speculation, this F150 will almost certainly have a 5-liter V8 motor that one could see in the present Ford F150. Insiders expected that individuals would still need to wait until 2022 for the F150 with the exact same volume of horsepower as being the 2021 Dodge Raptor. It is unknown when the devastation from the tornado may push back a whole new powerful engine being seen in the Ford F150.

One of many issues with highly purpose-built parts like transfer cases is it requires lots of money to make and tool machines to build them. Consequently, many companies often share the expense in between themselves, so having this facility ruined certainly have a ripple type impact throughout the car market.

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