The Reasons Why Businesses Might Opt For VoIP In Place Of of Landlines

Since that famous day when Alexander Graham Bell made that first successful test call to his assistant, Thomas Watson on the 10th of Mar., 1876, they have come to be a progressively important resource. Through a large portion of this time, landlines were the key link with family from the phone.

Today, many businesses consistently rely on landlines as an alternative to deploying VoIP technology, even with taking on age of the net in other aspects of their enterprise. Why is that? Many companies are driven through the false impression that landlines are more trustworthy than Voice over IP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol telephone solutions.

In addition to reliability, however, there are several other reasons why organizations should select VoIP instead of landlines.


One of the more popular factors why enterprises should select VoIP instead of landlines is caused by value. Landlines are obscured with higher, often inconsistent fees and concealed charges.

As soon as your business changes to VoIP, it is likely the only payment you will incur is your regular monthly VoIP charges. You may always know specifically what you will be invoiced for and why. You will find only a few over-limit or long-distance costs. With VoIP, your company can connect to any individual anyplace on earth for the same quality and price as if these people are just in the next room.


The expanding accessibility of features is another good reason that enterprises ought to choose VoIP rather than landlines. When you select landlines, you are able to make and take phone calls and each other option that you simply add-on corresponds to a lot more money (and hardware) that adversely effects your finances.

With Voice over IP Phone technology, the number of offered capabilities is increasing in lockstep with the technology improves. Positive, you can find addons, but a lot of the options accessible are a part of your basic regular monthly VoIP Phone service package. Presented here are among the very popular features which are regarded as baseline service for many VoIP providers:

  • Voicemail & Voicemail 2 eMail
  • FAX & FAX 2 eMail
  • Conference Calling
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding
  • Advertisements while Callers are On Hold
  • Automated Greetings & Menus
  • And More…


Another reason why enterprises should choose VoIP Phone service as opposed to landlines is alternatives for expandability. Using landlines, if you wish to upgrade your enterprise telephone functions, it may be a high priced, cumbersome and irritating challenge. There may be brand-new devices to get set up and several unforeseen expenses. Occasionally, it may be more difficult than it’s worth!

Fortunately, with VoIP Phone services, upgrading your system can usually be achieved on the web and within minutes. There is rarely any specialized devices to update to and also the set up is little and normally not overwhelming. Most of the time, it’s simply an issue of reaching out to your Voice over IP provider as they possibly can usually configure it much faster than you and, should your service plan has updates, then it may even be included as a free of charge change.

The Summary

And so, as you can see, it’s not difficult to see why companies should select Voice over IP Office Phone packages as opposed to landlines. VoIP’s increasing capacity to allow for the requirements of all businesses far outreaches exactly what the landline can provide. Even though the landline undeniably had its moment under the sun, the moment has arrived for a brand new day employing Voice over IP .

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